Awesome Arcades Technical Specifications

Awesome Engineering!

At Awecades, we don't just design and assemble our machines with pride - we also build solid state components that are unique to all of our Awesome Arcade systems.  For example, our interface controller is designed in-house, so it is 100% compatible with each separately designed cabinet.  This means even better performance and durability - ensuring you will have many, many years of stellar in-home game play.

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General Specifications:
  Product Name: Awecades AC-605SP Arcade Center*
  Display Type: 21 Inch CRT
  Dot Pitch: .21
  Speakers: Stereo
  Output: 240 Watts
  Controls: 2 x Joysticks 16 x Buttons (total)
  Trackball/Spinner: 2 1/4" precision arcade trackball and Spinner
  Light Gun Support: Included (Light Gun also included)
  Motherboard: Biostar/Winfast
  CPU: AMD Semperon 3Ghz
  Video: VIA Unichrome 2D/3D video chipset
  Audio: AC97 Vinyl Audio chipset
  Memory: 256MB Memory
  HD: 10-20GB IDE Encrypted HD (depending on set-up)
  OS: Custom Embedded OS
  Frontend: Awesome Frontend User Interface
  Height: 66 inches
  Width: 25.5 inches
  Depth: 32 inches
  Weight: 220 lbs
    * - Specification subject to change without notice

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