About Awesome Arcades


Founded in May 2006, Awesome Arcades was born to serve the growing appetite for home leisure products in the electronics entertainment sector.  The current market demand for gaming devices has also produced a segment for "retro" fans who wish to relive the glory days of arcade gaming, and for those who are a little younger to play games from the "golden era".  Awesome Arcades can now offer a product range which not only offers the best in classic gaming at home, but at the best possible prices.  We are committed to providing quality products that you can enjoy, and we have tested our Awesome Arcades on real-life gamers like you, so we know there good!  Every Awesome Arcade shipped from our workshop is hand-built to order with quality components used throughout, and it doesn't leave until we are 100% satisfied. 


In Spring of 2007 the economy began to take a bad downturn and with it, the demand for home arcade sales dropped industry wide, so a hard decision was made to have to stop production of the Awecade arcade machines.


We produced and sold 320 units in a small 3 man workshop and the remaining inventory of machines were sold off to Distributors and all production of Awecades had come to an end.


Now in 2018 Awesome Arcades returned in a small way, bringing gamers a line of PC and game console arcade controllers, joysticks and USB interfaces to make their gaming experience even more enjoyable.



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