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With the Awecade AC-605SP “Arcade Center”, players can get so ‘up close and personal’ to the ultimate, old school arcade experience, they’ll swear they just stepped back in time into the mega arcades of the 70’s and 80’s.   Over 80 all-time fun-filled video game classics are built into the The Awecade “Arcade Center.”  Plus, when the Classic Arcade Sounds' feature is selected to play in the background, the home arcade experience is brought to life like never before!

All at a fraction of the cost of a new or used arcade machine and with all the excitement of REAL classic arcade game play!  It's the perfect addition to any home entertainment room, office break area or college dorm. To learn more, click on the "Games" button below...

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Classic Curves        

Why settle for a plain old "me too" arcade machine with straight, boring lines. When we designed our Awecades we set out to give them a unique look, classic styling and a shape that stands out in a crowd.    With dramatic sweeping lines and curves that accent the form and features of each Awecades system, we've created a timeless look and style that fits right into any home or office decor.



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Brains & Brawn        

With a high speed processing system and custom arcade control panel interfacing logic, our Awecades deliver games to you that most others can't touch. The Awecade control panels are designed to stand the test of time.  Utilizing the same high quality, industry standard joysticks, trackballs and buttons used in Commercial video arcade machines, we give you a 100% arcade feel when playing our selection of games.



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Simplicity & Fun        

Our intuitive and 'easy-to-use' Selection Menu makes choosing and playing games a snap! Just move the Player 1 joystick up and down to select a game --- or, if you are looking for a game far down in the list, move the joystick left or right to quickly Page Up or Page Down.  Press the red "Fire" button and your Arcade Environment will do the rest --- it sets up the video display and loads your selection, arriving on the screen for you to play just as if you were playing it in the arcades of the 70's, 80's and early 90's. You can also enhance your gaming experience when you choose to listen to the sounds of dozens of arcades games being played, simulating the feeling you get when you're right in the middle of a mega arcade!


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Attention to Detail      

While the games play like magic, we haven't forgotten to look after the detail.  Ease of movement to and from your games room via 2 casters on the rear of the unit and 2 adjustable leg levellers' on the front to position the unit on any surface.  Access to the inside of the cabinet (and a lock so non-authorised persons can't tamper with your machine when your not there!), quality finish and the important ventilation slots so nothing overheats, we've thought of everything! 


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