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The only problem with our Awesome Arcade machines is which one to buy!  For the real arcade feeling nothing can match a full size cabinet like our AC-605SP Arcade Center which was designed to really bring home the sense of owning a classically designed, full size replica.  But we know that sometimes space is at a premium, so we introduced P.A.M. (Personal Arcade Machine), which can either sit on a desk or bar.  Even better, we designed the P.A.M. with a pedestal so you can mount the unit for free-standing play, just like the arcade!  The choice is yours...

All at a fraction of the cost of a new or used arcade machine and with all the excitement of REAL classic arcade game play!  It's the perfect addition to any home entertainment room, office break area or college dorm. To learn more, click on the Awecade that best fits your gaming desires...

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AC-605SP Arcade Center        

With the Awecade AC-605SP “Arcade Center”, players can get so ‘up close and personal’ to the ultimate, old school arcade experience, they’ll swear they just stepped back in time into the mega arcades of the 70’s and 80’s.   Over 80 all-time fun-filled video game classics are built into the The Awecade “Arcade Center.”  Plus, when the 'Classic Arcade Sounds' feature is selected to play in the background, the home arcade experience is brought to life like never before!



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P.A.M. - Personal Arcade Machine        

Introducing P.A.M., the space saving alternative to a full size arcade machine but with all the classic features.  Designed for modern living (those without vast amounts of free space!), we have made you the perfect machine which can either be free-standing on its own pedestal, or mounted on your own free space.  So, now that space isn't a problem we guess this will be an even more tempting dilemma!



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