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With the P.A.M (Personal Arcade Machine), players can now own their very own arcade, even if your home or business isn't as big as those old arcade halls.  We have designed the perfect gaming system for you to own even when space is at a premium.  Order with or without the P.A.M.'s unique pedestal system, get all the the fun of the arcade at a fraction of the size... and cost!

It's the perfect addition to any home entertainment room, office break area or college dorm. To learn more, click on any of them icons below...

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Classic Curves        

Even at this size, we have given the P.A.M. a curvy retro look.  P.A.M. was specifically designed to accommodate smaller homes and businesses without compromising on quality and ensuring the feature set was just as robust as P.A.M.'s big brother, the AC-605SP. 



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She's so clever!        

Just like her bigger brother the AC-605SP, P.A.M. has all nearly all the same features.  Our easy to use menus make selecting and playing games a breeze.   But P.A.M. also has a secret, she can be removed from her pedestal so you can put her on a desk, bar top or other free space.


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Attention to Detail      

As a personal arcade, we have made sure the control panel is easy to use and control.  With 2 arcade quality joysticks and six fire buttons, you are ready to play anything!  We have also included a trackball, and a spinner too.  Like all our products, we will always try and accommodate special requests to the control panel layout.  Please contact us directly if you need something special.  (Please note that there may be additional charges for this service).


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