Awesome Arcades Special Services


Exhibitors - Looking for that edge at video gaming and computing shows?    We can custom design specialized kiosks to meet your needs, whether you want a high-tech wow-factor display or a recreation of a classic video game or computing display, we can design, build and ship it to you.

Store Owners -  Are you looking to take your store from the run of the mill so-so shop into the hottest and most talked about store in the area.  We can build and ship to your location any kind of in-store display, interactive kiosk or specialized point of purchase system (POS) to meet you needs.    From Atari 2600 kiosks to Xbox360 and beyond, if you want kids flooding into your store to hang out and meet, play games and most importantly - BUY, then make your store the place to be.

Movie/TV Studios -  Need a prop built for a television show or movie, need a recreation of a classic video arcade or video gaming store display? Our workshop can build any kind of display, from static displays to fully functional displays, we can meet your needs and deadlines.

Hobbyist Arcaders -  Have a dream arcade?  Want to make it a reality, but you don't have the skills or tools to make it happen?  Are the kits and other offers just not what you are looking for...  Send us a sketch or call us to discuss your design, we'll make your dreams a reality and have them delivered right to you front door!

Call us on the number below and we will be happy to discuss any special projects you might have.

Awesome Arcades Special Services, 117 Duke Drive, Carmel, New York 10512-1598, USA.

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